Load/Save Flight feature of Zibo 738

If you ever will need to use the Load flight feature of the Zibo 737, you should know next...

Load/Save Flight feature of Zibo 738

After multiple failed flights, when X-Plane unexpectedly crashed mid-air, I started to save my flight status periodically. I was hoping that this situation will not happen, but it happened - the sim is crashed again. After loading X-Plane back and starting the new flight from my departure airport, I pressed the "Load Flight #1" button in AviTab. The computer is stuck for a few seconds and after that I was flying on FL350 with a cold & dark cockpit.

So, to resume your flight from the checkpoint, you need to complete these actions:

  • Load your flight in any airport (in my case, I loaded in my original departure airport)
  • Attach GPU
  • Power on the airplane battery
  • Start IRS alignment
  • Put your current coordinates in the FMC
  • Start APU or connect an external air pressure unit
  • After APU started / external air pressure unit connected, begin to start your engines
  • After IRS alignment is completed and engines are running, switch power to generators, turn off APU / external air pressure unit, release parking brake
  • Press "Load Flight #" button in AviTab

After a few seconds, you will be continuing your flight from the saved checkpoint!

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