The longest flight I ever had in flight sim

The longest flight I ever had in flight sim

This flight took place on January 13, 2017. Total flight time ~ 20hrs.

Many people simply flying their long-haul flights in a network during the night time, while sleeping in their warm beds. I decided to make a challenge for myself - to be at least 95% of all flight time "at controls", and I succeed!

Route map:

UKBB (Kyiv, Boryspil) -> YSSY (Sydney, Australia)
  • Total distance flown - 8500 nautical miles
  • Estimated flight time - 17hrs, actual flght time - 20hrs

During the flight I've crossed:

  • Airspace of 13 countries
  • 4 seas
  • 1 ocean
  • 1 gulf
  • and also drunk many liters of tea =)

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