VATSIM Velocity

The fresh breeze for the Network

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By prox
VATSIM Velocity
Photo by Todd Diemer

So the VATSIM is finally taking steps towards modernization and announced a Velocity project which is a new backend for pilot clients. With Velocity, we will have an increased rate of update for all clients in a 10nm range from you. Now the rate of update is fixed and it equals 4 seconds, meaning if you maneuvering during group VFR flight, your pals will see your movement quite twitchy. Velocity grants 0.2 seconds update rate for everyone within 10nm, so the taxiing, flaring, rotating, turning will be much smoother. The formation flights will be moved to a new level with this!

Also, VATSIM announced that regarding the preparation to Velocity, five old pilots and two ATC clients will be retired on April 1, 2021. The pilot clients are Squawkbox, Squawkbox747, Squawkbox for Fly!, XConnect, and FSINN. The controller clients are ASRC and SPARC. These clients will no longer be able to connect to VATSIM servers after this time.

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