Cisco ACI troubleshooting commands

List of usefull commands for ACI troubleshooting (controllers/leaves/spines).

Cisco ACI troubleshooting commands

Last updated - Oct 22, 2020

APIC Controller commands


acidiag fnvread - display information about fabric nodes (leaves and spines).

fabric <NODE_ID> <COMMAND> - execute a COMMAND on NODE_ID. NODE_ID can be specified as range or list of nodes, i.e. 101-103 or 101,105.

show oob - display information about Out-of-band management configuration.


show endpoints vlan xxx - display endpoints of specific VLAN xxx. Here xxx is exact encapsulation ID specified in EPG interface deployment, not internal ID of leaves.

show tenant <TENANT> application <APP> epg - display list of EPGs inside TENANT / APP and their contracts list.

show tenant <TENANT> application <APP> endpoints - list of endpoints for all EPGs inside TENANT / APP.

show tenant <TENANT> application <APP> epg <EPG> endpoints - list of endpoints for specific EPG inside TENANT / APP.

show tenant <TENANT> endpoints vlan <ID> - list of endpoints for TENANT and specific encapsulation VLAN ID.

show tenant <TENANT> application <APP> epg <EPG> details - display detailed information about EPG inside TENANT / APP, including EPG configuration details, assigned domains, contracts, static paths.


show vpc map - display VPC to interfaces mapping table which includes VPC name, VPC cluster ID, VPC ID, Leaf ID/Name, port-channel interface ID, exact physical leaf interface.

show vpc map <VPC_IF_POLICY> - same as above, but only for specific VPC interface policy name.

show port-channel map
show port-channel map <VPC_IF_POLICY> - same as above, but little less info.


show tenant <TENANT> ip interface bridge-domain | egrep "Interface|<IP>" - find bridge-domain name in TENANT with IP.


show stats granularity 15min leaf 103 interface ethernet 1/5 - show interface statistics for specified interval.

Leaf commands


show vlan extended - display list of internal leaf VLAN ID mapping to EPG/BD and encap VLAN including leaf interfaces.

show vpc extended - display list of VPC IDs mapping to internal Port-channel IDs, encap VLAN IDs, interface policies.


show system internal epm endpoint ip <IP> - display information about IP from dataplane.

clear system internal epm endpoint key vrf <TENANT>:<VRF> ip <IP> - clear learned endpoint in TENANT / VRF with address IP.


cat /mit/sys/lldp/inst/if-[eth1--1]/summary - get information from MIT about leaf interface including its MAC address, wiring issues, operational/admin status.

cat /mit/sys/summary - get leaf manamenet information, state, sw version, uptime, last reboot reason, serial.


show ip arp vlan xxx - display next-hop IP in ARP table (only for L3Out).

show ip route vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME [PREFIX] - display routes, PREFIX is optional.

show ip eigrp int bri vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME
show ip ospf int bri vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME - verify OSPF/EIGRP is enabled on a correct interface.

show ip eigrp neighbors vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME
show ip ospf neighbors vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME - check the status of neighbors.

show ip eigrp vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME | egrep 'AS|K' - display EIGRP AS, K values.

show ip bgp neighbors vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME | egrep 'BGP nei|Using|Opens|hops' - display BGP neighbors info.

show ip bgp summary vrf TENANT:VRF_NAME - show BGP summary information.

show bgp sessions vrf overlay-1 - check if leaf have BGP sessions with RR spines.

show bgp vpnv4 unicast vrf overlay-1 - display redistributed/exported external routes in VRF overlay-1.


iping -V <TENANT>:<VRF> <IP> - perform ping inside specific TENANT / VRF to IP. Complete list of options:

usage: iping     
[ -d    set the SO_DEBUG option]
[ -D    enable debug information ]
[ -F    enable do not fragment bit in IP header ]
[ -L    receive packets on supplied interface ]
[ -n    enable printing host IP address than resolved name ]
[ -q    quiet output ]
[ -r    disable routing of the packets, send only to directly connected hosts ]
[ -v    output in verbose format ]
[ -V    <vrf-name> name of the VRF through which destination is reachable ]
[ -c    <count> no of packets to send ]
[ -i    <wait> no of seconds to wait before sending next packet ]
[ -p    <pattern> packet payload pattern ]
[ -s    <packetsize> size of packets to send ]
[ -t    <timeout> wait for seconds to receive reply ]
[ -S    <source ip/interface> send packet with given source-ip or IP of given interface and send packet out of that interface ]
<host>  destination host-name or ip address

Spine commands


show coop internal info ip-db | grep <IP> -A 13 - display information about IP.

show coop internal info repo ep dampening - see the list of dampened EPs.

The list will be updated whenever possible.

  • [22.10.2020] Added commands for routing troubleshooting

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