New vRNI Hands-On Lab available

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It became known that a new vRNI hands-on lab became available recently. The lab will give you a basic understanding of the features available in vRNI.

Lab modules

# Title Time Level*
1 Micro-Segmentation and Security 30min B
2 Application Discovery 45min B
3 Visibility & Troubleshooting Across Virtual and Physical Networks 45min B
4 Network Assurance and Verification 15min B
5 Advanced NSX Data Center Management & Operations 15min B
6 Manage Security for Public Clouds (VMC and AWS) 30min B
7 Container Management 30min B
8 Managing and troubleshooting VMware SD-WAN 30min B
* A Module level can be either Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced.

To access this lab you can search for it by entering its ID on VMware Hands-On Labs site. Lab ID - HOL-2202-01-CMP.

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